Tecniche e dispositivi per l’analisi e la valutazione del rischio di inquinamento delle acque di balneazione.

Epsilon Italia is an independent SME established in 1996 in Mendicino (IT). The company provides
the end users with innovative and technologically advanced solutions in the geospatial domain: GIS
(Geographical Information Systems), SDI (Spatial Data Infrastructures), Satellite Remote Sensing
(marine and terrestrial applications), GI (Geographic Information) Standards).

Since the entry into force of the European INSPIRE Directive EC/02/2007, the company has been
providing professional technical services related to the implementation of the legally binding
requirements of the Directive.

Through the INSPIRE Helpdesk, the company supports national and international organisations in
the overall harmonisation process, from transformation and validation of heterogeneous source data
and metadata to the publication of Network Services for INSPIRE datasets.

Epsilon Italia offers technical support and vocational training to Public Administrations and to private
entities in these fields, and it’s also deeply involved in Research & Development activities, carried out
either on its own or in partnership with national and international Universities and Research Centres
(FP7, ICT-PSP, LIFE+, Leonardo, Erasmus+).

It is member of the OGC – Open Geospatial Consortium.

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